Teaching Food

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In an effort to expand our ideas about how best to teach food-related courses in the arts and humanities we’ve created a series of resources.  With all the lists, please post a comment and we’ll add your suggested titles and/or activities.

The first is a reading list of resources related to teaching food.

Teaching Food Reading List

The second is a list of food-related activities and assignments that could be used in a variety of courses.

Food-related Activities & Assignments

The third is a list of primary sources that have food as a core component–the list will eventually be split according to disciplines (English literature, Spanish arts & literature, philosophy, etc.).  The three conference organizers are professors and researchers of Spanish/Hispanic literatures so please expand the list to include other disciplines!

Primary Texts with Food in Them

Our hope is to someday also have a “bank” of food-related course syllabi to help generate and spark ideas for those trying to create, innovate, and/or improve courses.  Upload your syllabus to the GoogleFolder below.

Food Syllabi