Conference Ethos


The fundamental principle of the conference is to build an engaged community of meaningful dialogue. We advocate an alternative to the typical–and often educationally unproductive–model of large, mainly impersonal, multi-concurrent session conferences. Therefore, we place a cap on the number of people who are invited to attend and present–rather than read–their work. We intentionally keep the conference small in order to foster critical collegiality and discussion, which in turn depend on the active participation of all delegates throughout the entirety of the conference. In order to achieve this, our selection process is a stringent blind-review and the expectation is that delegates who accept the invitation to present will commit to participating for the full duration of the conference.

The conference is meant to be dialogue and learning-laden. Therefore, presentations are to be 15 minutes maximum with 10-12 minutes of prompted discussion time to allow colleagues to engage, think, connect, and generate meaning. Visuals and handouts are encouraged, while text-heavy PowerPoints are not (a slide with discussion prompts is obviously welcome).  Pedagogy-focused workshops are 45 minutes and meant to be highly interactive, hands-on and engaging.

This conference is not intended to display rank, power, status or prestige, but rather to foster, connect, and deepen a community of interdisciplinary scholars engaged in analyzing the meaning of food.  We very much look forward to your contributions and your active, intentional effort in building this community.